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Republic City: Zan Lai (Revamp) by NyaNanaX
Republic City: Zan Lai (Revamp)

Heyyy doing a revamp for Book 3, and the fact that I draw Zan differently than when I made her first app.

I also thought uploading this would be a good way to announce Zan (and I ) will be taking a year long hiatus staring September, due to the fact I will be studying abroad in Japan! :D I may be able to participate in events and upload art of her, but considering that I have no idea when I'll have wifi access ( Most Japanese homes don't have wifi due to the fact everyone just uses their cellphone plans to get internet).

Anyway I'll see everyone in a year! ; w ;


Name: Zan Lai

Age: 25

Nationality: Republic City

Affinity: Fire

Traditional Firebending- Ever since Zan was a little girl her grandfather had trained her in the art of traditional firebending. Her grandfather was a strong traditionalist, and before moving to Republic City he gave private bending lessons, back in the Fire Nation. So, in order to pass on his knowledge, and, to prevent Zan from engaging in "indecent" pro-bending style (as he called it), he drilled Zan with lessons throughout her childhood.

Martial Arts- Zan has always lived in areas in Republic City with high crime, and triads lurking everywhere. So, in order to have more of a sense of security, especially when chii blocking started to gain more popularity, she began to train herself in not only bending, but in fighting. She would pick up bits and pieces of moves and forms from many of the wanders in the streets of Republic City, and practice the skills she picked up by getting in fights with some of the boys on her street. It was very easy for her to master martial arts throughout her life, since it is so strongly tied to traditional bending.

Cooking- Zan's grandmother was a very excellent cook, and always had Zan help her with making the meals in her home. Throughout the years she taught Zan nearly everything there was to learn about cooking, and when Zan's sister was born, and her grandmother began getting sick, Zan took over making all the meals in their home.

Personality: Zan is like most typical firebenders, she gets angry quickly, she is bold, impulsive, and sometime violent. She can also be quite rude at times, because she tends to speak exactly what's on her mind. However, despite the fact that she holds these qualities Zan is actually a very nice person to those she gets close to. Even though her appearance and the way she expresses her self would suggest otherwise. She acts like an older sister to her friends, watching over them, making sure they make the right choices, protecting them against harm, beat the hell our of anyone who causing them trouble, and giving them a hard smack in the face if they need a wake up call.

-Kind people
-Jasmine Tea
-Watching Agni Kai duels (as long as they weren't to the death)
-Warm weather
-spicy food
-listening to pro-bending matches

-People who bully the weak
-majority of the triad thugs
-cold weather
-Being told what to do
-stuck up people

Zan was born a beautiful black haired baby in the Dragon Flats borough of Republic City. Her parents made their living by collecting antiques and novelties from all corners of the four nations, and then selling them at their shop in Republic City's downtown district. For the first five years of her life Zan's mother stayed at home with her while her father would travel the world looking for new merchandise to stock their shelves. However, her mother grew tired of being stuck in Republic City waiting, and soon rejoined her husband in his travels when Zan was five, leaving Zan in the care of her grandparents.

Zan's grandparents were good people, but were also strong traditionalists of the Fire Nation culture, and were very strict. Zan's grandfather would constantly drill her with traditional firebending lessons, while her grandmother would teach her proper Fire Nation etiquette, much to Zan's disapproval. However, when Zan turned 10 her younger sister Lan was born, and because her grandparents were too old to take care of two children (especial since Zan began to rebel against their strictness) they sent Zan to the Fire Nation's Capital City to attend school, with the little money their family was earning through the novelty store. Unfortunately, Zan only lasted 2 years at the school before she was expelled for getting in too many fights with other students, skipping class, and for being a smart mouth with her teachers.

When she returned to her home in Republic City, her grandparents had finally given up trying to control her, and life at home became infinitely better for Zan. All seemed to be going well for her, until her parents made one of their usual drop-off trips, and announced that they had just sold the shop on their way back, so they could buy a small beach house on Ember Island. Only leaving Zan, her grandparents, and her little sister with the address of their new home, and a vow that they would send money to their grandparents to continue taking care of the kids.
After that Zan did not hear much of her parents, and, without the shop for income, she and her family had to move to a smaller flat in an even poorer, and more crime ridden, part of the Dragon Flats. Zan stayed there taking care her family, while working several jobs on the side, until she was 20 and she felt like it was time to go out on her own. She had some money saved up, and was able to buy herself a small bar, that she named The Dragon's Breath, with a small apartment on the second floor. The bar has made very good profit for her the past 5 years, and she continues to send the majority of her earnings to her family.

RP Sample:

Zan watched silently as the small group of men and women conversed in front of her. Business was slow this evening, so the crowd people, either wishing to drown their troubles in alcohol, or converse with their friends, was smaller than usual. There was only a small group of women sitting in the corner tables. taking about some guy named "Lee", and a few tired industrial workers occupying the booth seats, discussing the days shift and their measly pay. A boring crowd honestly, but if Zan could make it through the night without one bar fight, or drunken idiot she would take it. She hadn't sleep in the last 24 hours, and if even one disturbance occurred tonight she had all intentions to kick that sorry sucker so hard that their next 10 generations would still feel it.

She yawned and stretched her arms above her head, until her attention was drawn to the front door. A group of four, loud, chatty men were making their way into the the bar. They all sported outfits with red, and, judging by their threatening demeanor, Zan could only assume they were members of the Agni Kai Triad. The men intimidated two of men out of their seats and sat down at the table at the far end of the room, while the oldest, most sleazy looking, of them called out,

"Hey toots, give me and my boys a round of your best spirits! We've done hard work today, and we want to celebrate like kings!"

The other men cheered and agreed with their colleague, as he turned around to discuss their days events with them.
Zan nodded, and turn unamused toward the shelf to get her most expensive liquor. She hated having these unsavory triads in her bar, they always ended up causing trouble she didn't need, and she had seen this particular group the other day threatening one of the shop keepers for the monthly rent most triads wrongly enforce on those that have the misfortune of being on their turf.

"Despicable", she murmured under her breath before she brought over the bottle and glasses to the triad's table.

She began placing the glasses in front of each man, while the older, sleazy man eyed her with a smirk. As she turned around to leave the man stood up and grabbed her shoulder. His grip was firm and showed he did not have intentions of letting go.

"Heya toots. Why don't you sit down and join me and the boys, huh? And later maybe you and I could go some where, you know?" he stated while continuing to eye her.

With that Zan had lost what little patience she had left. She smacked away his hand, and began cracking her neck and knuckles.

"Tell me if your next few generations will still feel this..."

Additional Info:
-The Dragon's Breath is located in one of the alley ways leading toward the Dragon Flats borough. (opens around 6pm) It hosts people from different corners of life such as industrial workers, shop owners, some triad members, etc.

-She has a soft spot for children, since she has a younger sister, and hopes to have a big family someday.

-Zan's grandparents originally lived in the Fire Nation, but then moved to Republic City after they retired, and their daughter selfishly begged them to look after Zan and the shop, so she and her husband could travel the world together.

-Her grandmother would dress her in traditional Fire Nation garb (top-knots, shoulder spikes, and all) when Zan was a child.

-Her grandmother became sick and passed away when Zan was 17.

-She is afraid to get earrings, because she thinks they'll get caught on something and rip her ears.

-Has another snake tattoo running down her left arm.

-While Zan was attended school in the Fire Nation she had excellent grades in the classes she decided to show up to.

-Spends the majority of her day sleeping, since her bar is open almost all night.

:new: -Ever since Avatar Korra opened the spirit world portal Zan's bar tends to have small spirits roam around, and a few vines have grown through her windows. However, this hasn't bothered Zan at all. In fact she thinks it adds more character to her bar.

:new: - The dragon newt spirit is her new BFF. Better believe.
Bday For Courtney by NyaNanaX
Bday For Courtney
So my friend Courtney is super in love with Yowamushi Pedal, and Midousuji x Onoda.  So for her birthday I thought it would be appropriate to draw her as her own gay biker. He is most fab.
Dreaming Colors by NyaNanaX
Dreaming Colors
Hey look I can make art that's not LOK or ATLA related! :D

I made this for a sleep playlist I was in much need of on 8tracks, because of the sleep tracks I used on there had surprise hard rock songs on there. like what the fuck dudes, this was tagged with relax.
Hello my beautiful watchers!!!!~ :iconhakasetaadaaniplz:

I'm super sorry for the lack of art for these past few months, :iconmioforgivemeniplz: but with the intense amount of stuff I had to do for my second semester of college made that basically impossible. And since it was such a pain the butt and I feel like giving a short "rant". I'll give you people the run down.

I was taking 18 credit hours this semester, which is the max amount advisers usually recommend taking, so I had A LOT of homework. Mainly animation homework, because my teacher would usually assign two or three projects a week and I have a really bad habit of over complicating shit. Not to mention all the college standard essays, math, art projects, independent study Japanese homework, and stuff.  Then I was also Vice President of the Japanese Student Association, that threw several large scale parties this semester, and I was treasurer of my university's animation club. Not to mention I also had work at my school's art gallery which brought in professional art from around the world to be on display nearly every month (so much wall painting sob), and I had to stress over filling out all my applications for my year long study abroad trip this coming September. So, on average I went to bed at 3:00 a.m. every night, and the maximum amount of sleep I would get during the week days was 7 hours (wow when they happened were they a blessing), the minimum being 3 hours. I literally spent my free time sleeping I was so exhausted. :iconmioabsniplz: Leading me to be completely brain dead this week I've been home. I have refused to do anything but play Sims 3, or watch Parks and Rec, all day long since I have been back.

Thankfully, however, I'm finally gaining consciousness again. I've been getting more sleep, and I FINALLY gotten off Sims (thank god. that game is like a drug addiction). So, hopefully I will have enough energy to start making and uploading some art.

I also am thinking about opening up commissions this summer, because I need the moneys for my Japan trip (It is so expensive imma cry). So be expect more info on that eventually!

LAST THING: ( Sorry this is so long)

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